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Dr. Wong’s research examines the organization and delivery of health care services within the context of primary health care. A recognized leader in research involving patient-reported quality of care, her work contributes to informing practice and system level interventions that seek to decrease health inequalities among Canadian residents, including people who face multiple disadvantages in accessing and using the health care system such as those who have language barriers and live in poverty. Her long-standing commitment to research has significantly contributed to further understanding and application of primary health care in helping to reduce health and health care inequalities.

Please see Dr. Wong’s full bio on the School of Nursing website.

Selected Publications – for a full list, please see Dr. Wong’s full bio on the UBC School of Nursing website

Browne, A.J., Varcoe, C., Wong, S., Smye, V., Lavoie, J., Littlejohn, D., Tu., Godwin, O., Krause, M., Khan, K., Fridkin, A., Rodney, P., & O’Neil, J. (2012). Closing the health equity gap: Evidence-based strategies for primary health care organizations. International Journal for Equity in Health, 11(59), doi: 10.1186/1475-9276-11-59

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